Being Successful Is Attainable

Do you think your at the end of your ROPE?    Well I’m here to help you untie the knots and give you a little more room.

Here are some examples.

:Bad Childhood

:Abusive Relationships

:Authority Issues

:Communication Skills (Do people call you a mind reader?)

:Jack Of All Trades

If any of these describe you. Then keep reading it gets better.  My blog will be about Experiences, Mistakes and Favorites. 6-16-17

(Before we begin forgive my grammar for it probably is never correct)

So I guess I will start with a small look into my past. I grew up from a young age learning the idea that if you don’t take care of yourself no one will. I left home at 16 and decided to take my future into my own hands. I said ” The thumb will no longer be one me”. You see I already had authority issue. The reason for this are to graphic  to expose, So I will keep this content clean.  So I had a full time job, Going to school full time and to boot a very abusive boyfriend. This is common in girls to find a mirror image of there father.

I never had anything given to me, I bought my own car and took care of myself. Needless  to say I grew up fast. Moving job to job I have worked  at least 10 jobs by the age of 21. I learned everything from Baking, Cooking, Serving, Customer service, retail. The first 10 jobs I still was not satisfied I hungered for something more. (I just did not know what it was}

So I turned to man thinking this will make me happy. He will make me happy. The only problem I was always looking for my fathers image (the abusive one remember). And looking in the wrong places the bar. I in turn make a long story short met 2 more very bad men. I nearly died. I thought to myself Is this what my life is to be?

I found out I was pregnant at 24 Status Married him. Status separated  Status met another guy Status 26 Pregnant again Status Not with either. Status Single Mom . To be continued ………

6/17/15 I will be adding a little in day by day continue reading if you want to see bad turned into worse. and then got better.


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